Call Centre Solutions

We NOW Provide Call Centre Solutions!

Call center cubicle workstations are rapidly increasing in popularity due to their efficient layout. They are the best way to comfortably accommodate employees where it is necessary to maximize the number of people in a given workspace.

Call center cubicles are completely configurable in almost every way starting with the size of the area each person on the floor will be working in. We are expert in helping you to configure call center workstations and invite you to schedule a consultation. You can choose a specific desk width, panel height, panel fabric, work surface laminate color and texture, storage options and desk shape.

Call Stations Configuration OptionTypical call center cubicle footprints (panel sizes) range from 2 to 4 feet deep and 4 to 6 feet wide.These layouts can incorporate different panel heights, depending on the needs of the user. Available heights (in inches) are: 32, 39, 47, 53, 62, 67, and 85. Standard panel widths (also in inches) are: 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48, and 60. We have configured many call center cubicles and our Space Planners can easily develop a design for you based our extensive experience and your specific requirements. In order to help you optimize your call center workstation configuration, we offer a professional 3D design service. Our professional Space Planners can take a 2D layout of your floorspace and produce a 3-Dimensional rendering of what your new call center cubicles will look like in your space. This will help you visualize what you are getting and ensure that it is precisely the configuration that works for you. They will optimize issues such as noise and traffic flow through your work area and anticipate issues and solve problems that you might not foresee.

Call center cubicles are typically arranged in rows. To give your workspace some variability, four cubicles can also be arranged in an X or + configuration. Interspersing some of these islands into a floor with rows of cubicles is a great way to make your space more interesting. Meanwhile, X and + shaped workspaces can be allocated to people who collaborate often and would benefit from being able to easily see each other.

Work-surface shapes vary as well. You can choose between rectangular shaped desks and L-Shaped desks, or alternate the two, allocating rectangular desks to most people on the floor and L-shaped desks to supervisors.

Cubicles are powered and non-powered, which means that some of them incorporate built in electrical connections and lighting, while others do not - it's your choice.

From a design perspective, cubicle panels can incorporate glass panels to maximize acoustic privacy while still maintaining a sense of openness. On cubicles where panels are desk height or marginally higher, you can elect to add glass partitions to make the work area feel more open while maintaining some degree of acoustical privacy.

You can choose from a wide variety of colors for the fabric of the panels in your call center cubicles. Office Furniture NOW! Furniture Consultants have years of experience assisting customers to make design choices for their offices. They can help you to choose the color of laminate for your desk work surface.

Given the need to maximize space, we can configure your call center cubicle with a wide variety of space-saving storage options. Pedestal storage units are a common solution. They can either be suspended underneath the desk, support the desk as a structural element, or be mobile. Our mobile pedestals come with cushions so that they can be slid from underneath the desk to add an extra seat for a visitor.

As with our other workstation systems, we’ve got everything you need to make this a fully functioning system to maximize your company’s workflow. The ergonomic accessories that we offer for call center cubicles will help to make these work areas functional and comfortable.

Monitor arms rotate and tilt a monitor so users can visualize information from all positions and postures at their desk, allowing for greater comfort and productivity. They also slide a monitor out of the way for times when a user needs additional workspace for something else.

Articulating keyboard trays can tilt to the best angle for maximum comfort. Positioning a keyboard at the right angle is the best way to avoid repetitive stress injuries from typing.

Under desk CPU holders are great for maintaining easy access to a computer and keeping it away from your feet and knees.

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