AA-233DBK Image H.B. Web Chair w/Arms - Black (DVS 033D)

Manufacturer: DVS

Image H.B. Web Chair w/Arms - Black (DVS 033D)

  • High Back Design: The chair features a tall back with a movable backrest that provides ample support for your upper back and shoulders, promoting good posture and reducing strain.
  • Web Design: The chair's backrest is constructed with a web-like material, often made of durable and flexible mesh, which offers breathability and allows air circulation, keeping you cool during extended periods of sitting.
  • Armrests: The chair is equipped with sturdy fixed armrests that provide additional support and comfort for your arms and shoulders. 
  • Adjustable Height: It comes with a height adjustment mechanism that allows you to customize the chair's height to match your desk or personal preference, ensuring proper alignment with your workstation.
  • Base and Casters: The chair has a sturdy base with multiple legs and durable casters, enabling smooth and effortless mobility across various floor surfaces.
  • Black Finish: The chair is designed with a sleek black finish, adding a modern and professional touch to your workspace.
  • Dimensions: 26 " W x 24.8" D x 44" H (inches)
  • Weight capacity: 220 lbs