Industrial and Commercial Shredding

1 – A security camera is available with internet access for customers to view from their location
2 – A customer is welcome to watch the process to confirm destruction of documents
3 – When collecting material a closed up vehicle is used intentionally to confirm that material does not get
misplaced, lost or blown away during transport.

1 – Do we do burning?
Ans – We do not do any burning strictly shredding.
2 – What is done with the shredded paper?
Ans – We work with a recycling company who in turn exports the material to various locations across the world.
3 – Does the customer have to remove the material from the binders?
Ans - SOS will destroy any and all material received for the destruction process. Any items the customer would
like to keep needs to be removed before giving the material to us.
4 – Does SOS do the packing?
Ans – No. we can help by providing some chair boxes to help the customer pack but it is their responsibility to
pack the items they want destroyed.
5 – What about paper clips, Cd’s, staples, and other fastening items?
Ans – All these items are destroyed in the shredding process and do not need to be removed.
6 – How long will the job take?
Ans – On average we can approximately 3500lbs of material per day
7 – How do I know how much paper I have at my location?
Ans – SOS will do a free estimate before beginning. To do the estimate it is assumed that a chicken box holds
50lbs of material in it. A L/S F/S box holds 35lbs.
8 – Does SOS provide a certificate?
Ans – Yes, upon completion of the job, SOS will provide a certificate of destruction for work completed
including dates, time, and weight.

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