46-062B Laminating Pouches (5mil) 2-3/8 x 3-5/8 (100) #LP05DLC

SKU: 46-062B

Laminating Pouches (5mil) 2-3/8 x 3-5/8 (100) #LP05DLC

  • Laminating Pouches (5mil) 2-3/8 x 3-5/8 are specifically designed for laminating small-sized items such as cards, tags, or photos.
  • These pouches have a thickness of 5 mil, providing a sturdy and durable protective coating.
  • The pouches are sized to fit items measuring 2-3/8" x 3-5/8".
  • Laminating pouches provide a clear, transparent finish that enhances the appearance and longevity of the laminated items.
  • They are made of high-quality materials that ensure a professional and glossy finish after lamination.
  • The pouches feature a sealed edge on one side, allowing for easy insertion of the item and providing a tight seal to prevent moisture and dirt from entering.
  • Laminating pouches of this size and thickness are compatible with most thermal pouch laminating machines, making the laminating process quick and efficient.
  • They are commonly used for laminating items such as ID cards, luggage tags, photo cards, business cards, and other small-sized documents or items that require protection and durability.
  • Laminating pouches offer protection against wear, tear, spills, and fading, making them ideal for preserving small-sized items that are frequently handled.
  • Whether for personal or professional use, Laminating Pouches (5mil) 2-3/8 x 3-5/8 provide a reliable solution to protect and enhance the durability of your small-sized items.
  • Sold in sets of 100