05-026A CF Geo Waste Paper Bin Grey (Small) 13QT

SKU: 05-026A

CF Geo Waste Paper Bin Grey (Small) 13QT

  • Perfectly proportioned for use in home, shopping malls, offices, and restaurants, this item is a wonderful addition to high-traffic areas where space is at a premium!
  • Its convenient size makes it great for solitary use.
  • Boasting a durable construction, this wastebasket is sure to withstand the test of time as well, outlasting the wear and tear of frequent use throughout the years. This useful feature makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings.
  • Make sure your garbage stays clean and odor free by simply wiping the durable utility container clean with a damp towel and air dry with ease for long lasting use. Make sure wastebasket is completely dry before use.
  • Thanks to its classic color, this trash can is bound to blend in with most decor. Its sleek, contemporary design also works well in front-of-house applications. So not matter the setting, this trash can is certain to remain a reliable constant within any venue, providing versatility in addition to value!